The Power of Your Why

What is this about?  Where is this path taking me? Where am I taking myself? Where am I taking my team, my family, my company?

These questions are symbolic of the questions we ask ourselves as we wander through life.  The word wander is perfectly applicable to any individual or group who does not clearly know their Why.  As I looked up the specific definition on, I read it in seven different forms.  However, every definition contained the idea of being aimless and without purpose.

Too many of us are wandering through life without knowing our Why.  We hear the messaging very clearly that you have to know your Why to make a difference and feel fulfilled.  It is what connects us and steers our course.  Many has talked about the importance, but no one that I know of has clearly shown us how to find our Why.

We want to know it and attempt to find it on our own, but with our society mired in conflict, materialism, outward validation, and busyness; we succumb to the distractions and lose our focus on our most important journey.

How do I know this?  I have lived it.  Yet even as research has confirmed the importance of knowing our Why and your experiences, along with the experiences of others, have qualitatively corroborated it.  We struggle to push through these distractions as we are disheartened when we don’t know how to find it.  If only we had a map or GPS to help us know where to turn on this journey.

Some people find it haphazardly, some just know it from an early age, but most of us have to struggle to find it.  But on the other side of this struggle is the tremendous gift of self-discovery and empowerment.  This struggle is worth it.

If you have read this far, the voice inside you may be saying, “I don’t have a purpose. ”

I can say without reservation, “If you are alive, you have a purpose.”

You may say, “It’s too tough,”

I say, “It’s worth it.”

You may say, “I don’t have time for this.”

I say, “With every moment of life ticking by, you don’t have time to ignore it.”

Without your Why this journey of life is not only difficult, but things become hollow, empty, and unfulfilled.  Your life is far too special to let it pass you by.

Yet, hope springs eternal! Our purpose is not too far off.  When you take the time to seek it out, it is guaranteed to find you through your reflection and action.

Over the course of the last two years, I have been trying to gain a greater clarity of my Why and how it relates to the gifts that have been given to me.  These gifts are not for me to hoard, but to share with the world.  It took effort, it took persistence, it took time to stop talking, to slow down, and to listen, but the message is now clear.  My life has been one big journey to live a process to find purpose – to find my Why.  The moment I realized this, I became electrified.

Now, I want to share this electricity with you.  The process is simple: Awaken and R.I.S.E.  No, it’s not just the name of my book, it embodies the five steps to finding your Why.  Again, the process is simple, but it isn’t easy.  However, it unlocks the path to finding your extraordinary life.  If you want learn more, follow along.

Wishing you strength, love, and vibrance,


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Decisions, Decisions

“What should I write about on my blog?” I have continued to ask myself this question since my book launch in April.  Ideas begin to fill my mind, but then the questions flood.

  • Should I put out excerpts from my book?
  • Should I share some of the struggles I am experiencing?
  • Should it be raw and real for a limited audience?
  • Should it be polished for a wider group?
  • Is this a passing feeling or one that is worth writing about?
  • Should I do some more work on the website?
  • How much time should I devote to each?

I attempt to shake this off and I begin to revisit potential topics.  The list of topics grows further and the questions return.  It’s official, I am overwhelmed from within.  I try to block it all out and begin, but then nothing I am writing feels right.  This classic bout with resistance is a common occurrence for many of us.  It hobbles productivity and it attacks purpose.  It is stifling.  I begin to doubt to my ability to make this decision.  Now I am telling myself that I struggle with making decisions.  This is a bad move!  Self-talk is too important to living my extraordinary life.  I am sabotaging myself.

Then I realized, I really don’t have trouble making decisions, BUT when it comes to a decision where I lack surety, I fight within myself.  I over analyze and start to tell myself the lie that I struggle with making a decision.

The reality is that I made several decisions to get to this point, but why does this one decision stifle me, because I have deemed it to be BIG.  Bigger than it is and I begin to fear failure.

Let me paint this differently.

He stepped to the edge of the planes interior.  “Are you ready to jump?” the instructor asked.  This was the moment of truth.  What was his answer?  Some believe, as I used to, that this was the moment of the decision.  But there were several decisions made before this one.

The decision to:

  • wake up
  • consider skydiving
  • travel to the airport
  • pay for the opportunity
  • watch the orientation and safety videos
  • suit up
  • enter the aircraft
  • step to the edge

Even on the macro scale, many decisions were made to get the skydiver to the edge and decision to jump.  However, it is the lack of surety or potentially the conclusion of this stream of decisions that can cause someone to freeze even with minimal options.  Upon this realization, I made a commitment: I will make decisions (after prayer, meditation, and thought).  I will live with the outcomes.  I will enjoy the process.  I will be grateful for the growth each will produce.  Most importantly, I will learn from the experiences that manifest due to my decisions.  I will no longer fear what could happen.  I will reject convention, but adhere to good sense as I grow to the next steps in my life.

I must step forward every day.  I cannot live in regret.  I am a regular guy, who has realized that the extraordinary life isn’t encompassed by indecision and fear.  An extraordinary life is manifested for the wise, the bold, and those who eschew fear.  Live bold.  Awaken and Rise.

Much love and gratitude, my friends,


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Your Guide to R.I.S.E.

Your Guide to R.I.S.E. is an in-depth look at the process that I used to find my gifts and purpose.  This process is highlighted in my first book, Awaken and Rise, and it is a FREE gift to you!

This guide is currently housed at our new website and will be launched on May 14th, 2017!  It will be located at this same web address:

My blog will be integrated into this new website.  We are so excited to share this with you for FREE!

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In The Mirror

I think there is a lot we can learn from kids, but often I don’t know what it is.  I get it when it comes to finding the fun, loving without hesitation, and maintaining an innocent set of eyes to view the great things of our world.  But beyond that, I have to dig.

Luckily today, God set my eyes on an example and it really spoke to me.

As I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop working to bring about the launch of my first book, a family with two little boys walked in and up to the counter.  The two boys seemed to be four and six years old by their height and playfulness.

The older boy was looking for ways to pleasantly harass the younger by trying to butt-bump him and put him in head locks.  It wasn’t done in a mean spirit, but with love. There is a difference.  I know because it looked nothing like how my brothers used to harass me.  🙂

Once the older brother’s attention switched to the cupcakes in the case the younger brother spotted his reflection in the mirror at the back of the case.  The older brother was transfixed on the treats, but the younger brother began to swing his hips like Forrest Gump when he met Elvis.  The hip swinging increased to a full on dance.  He seemed fascinated by the opportunity to entertain himself through the use of his image.

As the ridiculousness continued to build so did the smile on his face as he enjoyed seeing himself and his antics.  I realized I don’t do that.  If I see a mirror, I usually avoid it.  If I have no choice, but to look at my reflection, it is spent looking at what isn’t in place or what needs improved.  On a rare occasion, I may make a funny face to distract myself from trying to suck in my gut or trying to find the right angle where my hair isn’t so thin.

I now know, it is a wasted opportunity for joy!  Instead of lamenting what isn’t perfect in my mind, I need to enjoy the creature that I am.  There is no one else like me. And there is no one else like YOU!

Don’t waste your time in front of the mirror thinking or looking for ways to erase what you see as imperfect.  Swing your hips. Shake your butt. Dance. Enjoy. Love the person you are!

There is so much we can learn from kids. But damn! I wish I paid more attention to the lessons they teach.

Much love and gratitude, my friends,


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Analysis Paralysis

It strikes me from time to time.  One of the hallmarks of my humanity.  I see so many options and possibilities on my journey, but I struggle to find an order.  It is my nemesis, analysis paralysis.

My interpretation of analysis paralysis: being so overwhelmed by options, fear, and potential outcomes that I freeze and my decision-making resembles that of an electrical explosion.  Then everything goes dark.  I can’t move or think.

Sometimes I have so much I want to write about, but I can’t get anything out.  Sometimes it’s so important to me that I am afraid to say it the wrong way.  Sometimes I see so many beautiful future possibilities that I am afraid to make a mistake and ruin the beautiful future I see.

Over the past three weeks, I have written several posts.  As I get close to completion, I become angry, discouraged, and frustrated.  I feel the resistance and self-judgment.  I analyze my writing and think, “this is just s&%t!”

Yep, even someone who is growing in positivity and is a pathological optimist finds resistance and frustration in my struggle.  I’m not going to let it break me.  I certainly won’t let it define me.  But damn the discouragement.  Press on.

Have you ever dealt with analysis paralysis?  How do you overcome it?  I would love to hear your thoughts?

Much love and gratitude, my friends (even in times of frustration),


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Are You Enough for the Demands of Life?

It’s all around us.  We get signals from commercials, the internet, our government, profit and non-profit corporations, and each other as well, saying that we need more.  If we don’t have more, we are missing out.  Thus having less becomes equated with failure.

We are told we need: newer cars, a bigger house, a bigger tv, a newer phone, OR we need to do more, sign up for this and participate in that.  We worry about the quality of our parenting based on if we have our children in enough activities.  And we take a sick sense of pride in having no time to sit together at the dinner table.  We need more to be more, to do more, and gain happiness by acquiring more. More, more, more, more, more, more…

To make time for all this more, we have exchanged the days of stopping by each other’s homes to sit face to face with social media likes, retweets, and shares to demonstrate a false sense of connection.  We have exchanged family and friend adventures with sitting in the same room staring at some form of a screen.

We are being inundated by this culture of More, but in reality, we have less; less real connection, less interaction, and less understanding.  But we don’t have to live this way.


Crazy thought ahead, what if, you are enough?  What if you have enough?  The happiest people on the planet know this secret.  Those who are able to love themselves and share that love to others, know they are enough.  They don’t have to fight the culture of more, because they live in a culture of enough.

You, my friend, are definitely enough.  When I sit with you and share my heart, I feel a deep sense of gratitude.  When we turn off the TV, put our phones away, and you share your hopes and dreams – you inspire me to be a better person.  When I see what you create with the energy you bring, you fuel my creativity.

No, it may not have been perfect or just the way you wanted it, but it was enough.  It did something to the world by changing me.

Just know that despite the messages you are getting from the world-at-large, YOU are enough.  You TRANSFORM me, by being you.

Much love and gratitude!


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Frustrating Path

Sometimes it is an endlessly frustrating path to become the person you want to be. It is filled with obstacles, false truths, and the limitations we put on ourselves. We fear putting ourselves out there worried that we will be labeled a fraud or a self-promoter.

This fear works to squelch you.  It seeks to make you feel pressure to be a copy of what the world wants you to be.  It works in absolutes, it despises understanding, and hates the power you have within you.

It will push others to resist you, misunderstand you, and at times hate you.

But in the end, we only have the responsibility to be who we truly are and if our heart desires to show more love, more inspiration, and establish greater connections, then damn it – do it.

Over the course of human history, it is estimated that over 108 billion people have lived.  Yet, there is only one unique you.  Seize your life!  Shun fear.  Begin to understand that your connectedness and struggle is real and necessary.  Grab the strength and courage to view it as a blessing.  Allow it to TRANSFORM who you are through growth.

This isn’t mystical or ethereal.  This is the real life that so many are scared to embrace.

But not you.

You realize, we are the ultimate construction project, work of art, and ambassador of love. Let us courageously flaunt our true self in the face of fear. We can only be, who we truly are.

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Music Is…

Now there’s a wall between us, somethin’ there’s been lost
I took too much for granted, I got my signals crossed
Just to think that it all began on an uneventful morn
Come in, she said I’ll give ya
Shelter from the storm
– Bob Dylan

Music is our voice, our connection, and the shelter for our soul.

It creates hope and provides an avenue to understand the power of love. In our most critical moments, we can point to music and its impact. We reference the moments of our lives through the songs that were being played. We remember the artist who understood us and through their music told us that we weren’t alone. They were a lifeline in our darkest moments and provided the soundtrack to our greatest events. Music is inspiration to the soul.

Music remembers loved ones lost and the love we have deep within us. The artist finds a way to tell the world how we feel. They sing to give voices to the voiceless. Music has changed societies, governments, and the individual.  Music is strength to the soul.

Music is our shelter in times of trial, in times of testing, and in the battle with resistance. Music is our brother, our sister, our constant companion who when drowned by the noise of this world, resides within the comfort of our minds to inspire, challenge, and connect us to a greater reality.  Music is drive for the soul.

Music allows us to ignore all that society and people deem to be proper as it allows us to dance in pure joy.  It encourages us to forget about who is watching and express ourselves in movement, mind, and melody.  Music is joy for the soul.

Music is a rejuvenator for our hearts when we need a spark.  It pushes us during our workouts or at the end of a long week.  Music is critical and a key component to a greater life for us all.

Music is worth it.  Music represents Hope.  Music TRANSFORMS!

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My Friend Taught Me…

This week, I had the great honor of being a guest writer for a blog that honor’s our friends and what they have taught us.

Link –

My friend taught me… the power of action is greater.

He has accomplished what many thought was improbable, yet he lives with great humility.  He has conquered mountains, but sees himself as no different than anyone else.

His professional position carries with it great authority, but he is unconcerned about his standing.  He works as a servant to those he leads.

When he loves; he does so by showing up, giving praise, and focusing on the needs of his family and friends.  He is always second.

When he is challenged, he provides no excuse, no surrender, and no fear in failing.  He simply works hard to overcome.  His ego is non-existent.

My friend has taught me the power of his actions say more about who he is and what he believes than any words he could utter.

His life is the chorus singing about who he is and what matters.  His legacy is grounded in his humility, his unmatchable desire to see others succeed, his tenacity, and the love he shares with us.

In today’s world we are pressured to define ourselves through achievement, promotion, possessions, and reputation; all in an effort to gain approval for the tapestry of who we are.  But my friend has taught me it’s about how we serve others.  It’s about our actions.

Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  

My friend taught me what that change looks like and I am grateful to follow his lead.  But don’t take my word for it, let my actions speak.

With Gratitude,

Brian J. Lidle

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @brianlidle OR The Brian Lidle Company

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Electrified and Revitalized

I woke up in a cold sweat.  Electrified by the images in my mind.

“It was just a dream,” I said to myself.  Relieved that I was still in the world I knew and nothing had changed; I drifted back to sleep.

As the sun rose and I remembered my subconscious journey; I realized that I wasn’t afraid of the dream.  My fear was in the departure from my known reality.

As the new year picks up steam, a question filled my thoughts.  Are we willing to challenge ourselves to do something to shake the status quo?  Are we willing to daringly use our gifts and purpose to break apart our current reality for the betterment of all?

Then I thought, let’s reject the futility of the new year’s resolution and embrace the empowerment of the new year’s revitalization.  Let us find the electric moment where passion takes over and drives us toward our purpose.

Let’s electrify ourselves by creating what our hearts cry out for!  Let it scare us and energize us at the same time.

Wake up!  The chance to do something we love is upon us.  In the end, it will TRANSFORM everything.


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