Your Hope Gives Me Hope

I wanted to start this post in a most eloquent and structured fashion.  I wanted to discuss the current state of the world, our society, and how it distracts our focus, our awakening, our rise.  I wanted to talk about how life tries to overwhelm us with fear, tasks, and stress to break us down and produce despair – hopelessness.  However, it just wasn’t working.  We all know how things are, we all experience these struggles, we live them – daily.

However, I wonder if we know how powerful we are?  Do we know and recognize the quality within us that can break through all of these struggles?  A quality that can unite.  A concept that creates love.  A mindset that can create an awakening.  A strength that can make us rise.  A drive that can strengthen those around us and make a difference in our world – HOPE.

Hope is more than inspiration.  Hope is power.  It can spark people to love.  It makes the impossible, possible.  Hope initiates us to dream.  Hope is a better tomorrow.  Hope is a beginning to finding our gifts and our purpose.

Hope is an incredibly powerful mindset that changes our trajectory and the trajectory of those around us. It is the fabric of our possible reality.  Hope was found on the beaches of Kitty Hawk, NC when two brothers from Ohio believed they could fly.  Hope was found in the words and deeds of a great man who had a dream that we would see the heart of a person.  Hope was found in a young lady’s diary who was surrounded by hate and despair, yet she still had hope in humanity.  These examples and many others don’t just impact the bearer of hope, but it awakens the hope that resides in each one of us.  Whether it is to do something that hasn’t been done before or to inspire love and kindness in others, hope is infectious.

Hope springs eternal in the innocence of the young and in the wisdom of the old.  Hope is theoretical and practical.  It is the power to overcome.  It is the fuel to beat the odds.  It is what sustains us in the face of resistance and difficulty.  It is the unshakable belief that we can make a difference.  Hope is gentle, yet unwavering strength.

It is here that I come to my point, if hope is so powerful, why do we let it escape us so easily?  Why do we glorify the despair that surrounds us?  Why do we spend an inordinate amount of time on what hopelessness can do?

Instead, let us emphasize our hope.  Let’s strip despair of its power.  Let us focus on hope.  The power of hope isn’t simply what it does for the bearer, but its power to take root and grow in others.  Your hope can give others hope!

At times, hope can be lost, but it can always be found again.  Find your hope.  Share your hope.  Why? Hope is power!


About awakenandrise

Throughout my adult life I have worked in education. I have enjoyed this career to the fullest, but I have recently discovered there is more to me. As I asked the questions: "what are my gifts?" and "what is my purpose?" A whole new world of writing has revealed itself. The purpose - to inspire everyone to a greater life, greater connection, and to use their gifts to Awaken & Rise! My first book, "Awaken & Rise" is now available on Amazon! My purpose is to let you know, despite the lies and fear spread by this world and our society to keep you from living the life you dream about, it is possible. Just simply AWAKEN & RISE!
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