What is he doing now? I’m sure many of you have said this as I’ve started pelting social media and tagging many of you on posts that you may not have time to read or may not care to read.  I just want to say this to you.  “I get it, but I cannot stop.”

Over the 43 years that I have lived my life, I have been on a journey to find what I am good at doing (my gifts) and how I can help those around me with it (my purpose).  I am not trying to be anything other than who I am supposed to be and I do not see myself as being more than someone who has a heart to minister to those in which I have the amazing opportunity to share space with in life.  It can be physical or cyberspace, either way, I want to be of assistance through inspiration and thought.

It has taken me 43 years to figure out that my gifts center on thinking, connecting, and expressing information.  I am a writer, a lyricist, thinker, developing song writer, and dreamer.  With all of these gifts, I need to begin to use them fully to meet my purpose of inspiring every person that I can.  I am compelled to work to inspire everyone that I can come into contact with to know that you are amazing.  You are a unique and wonderful being who has gifts that can make this world a better place and provide you with joy and fulfillment beyond what you may believe is possible.  If I can provide support and positive reassurance through writing to avoid and ignore distraction from your purpose then I am meeting my purpose.

Do I have goals and beliefs about where this will lead – yes.  However, my purpose is more than goals.  My purpose is the reason for being here.  Goals may be a part of where I believe this is going, but they don’t govern my purpose.  My purpose governs my goals.

My overall focus is to share this message with the world.  It may be through this blog format, the book I am writing, speaking to groups, podcasts, or whatever.  I just want to be used by God to do something that meets my purpose and inspires others.  To do something that invigorates and creates that feeling of being alive for all of us. I have no desire to create a virtual persona, but to express the genuine and heartfelt message that resides within me.

So if you were wondering why I am doing this, this is it in a nutshell – I HAVE TO.  I AM COMPELLED WITH ALL THAT IS IN ME TO SHARE THIS MESSAGE.

My blog and social media outlets aren’t about numbers of followers, likes, retweets, or comments.  Although every follow, like, retweet, and comment comes with GREAT APPRECIATION and VALIDATION that this message is needed and I am serving that need.  This is bigger.  This is my purpose, that thing in life that gives you more energy every time you work on it regardless of how much energy you expend to fulfill it.

In going down this road, I have learned so many lessons that I once believed were fiction.

  1. It’s NEVER too late to engage in finding your purpose and your gifts (when combined you are in your element)
  2. There is room for EVERYONE’S gifts and purpose
  3. No matter how hardened, a heart can break its shell to grow stronger in LOVE
  4. It’s never too late to start listening again
  5. I make more mistakes now that I am in my element, but I am learning more than ever before
  6. I am more afraid of leaving this life not having shared what I need to leave behind than I am of dying
  7. Our legacy is not tied to what society believes is important or has defined as success, but in what we do in the service to others through our element

Above all an underlying premise is unchanging, YOU ARE UNIQUELY CREATED, with all of your quirks and flaws, to live a life that is like no other.  Embrace it, Live it, AWAKEN and Rise!

Side note: If you believe that this message is needed and can help those around you, I humbly ask that you please share through Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth, encourage others to sign up on my email list on the right side of these posts, etc.  If you would like to have me speak to any groups or organizations, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I would be thrilled to share this message and what it took to get to this realization.

If interested, you can contact me at and I would be more than willing to discuss how we can help inspire others to AWAKEN and RISE!


About awakenandrise

Throughout my adult life I have worked in education. I have enjoyed this career to the fullest, but I have recently discovered there is more to me. As I asked the questions: "what are my gifts?" and "what is my purpose?" A whole new world of writing has revealed itself. The purpose - to inspire everyone to a greater life, greater connection, and to use their gifts to Awaken & Rise! My first book, "Awaken & Rise" is now available on Amazon! My purpose is to let you know, despite the lies and fear spread by this world and our society to keep you from living the life you dream about, it is possible. Just simply AWAKEN & RISE!
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