Analysis Paralysis

It strikes me from time to time.  One of the hallmarks of my humanity.  I see so many options and possibilities on my journey, but I struggle to find an order.  It is my nemesis, analysis paralysis.

My interpretation of analysis paralysis: being so overwhelmed by options, fear, and potential outcomes that I freeze and my decision-making resembles that of an electrical explosion.  Then everything goes dark.  I can’t move or think.

Sometimes I have so much I want to write about, but I can’t get anything out.  Sometimes it’s so important to me that I am afraid to say it the wrong way.  Sometimes I see so many beautiful future possibilities that I am afraid to make a mistake and ruin the beautiful future I see.

Over the past three weeks, I have written several posts.  As I get close to completion, I become angry, discouraged, and frustrated.  I feel the resistance and self-judgment.  I analyze my writing and think, “this is just s&%t!”

Yep, even someone who is growing in positivity and is a pathological optimist finds resistance and frustration in my struggle.  I’m not going to let it break me.  I certainly won’t let it define me.  But damn the discouragement.  Press on.

Have you ever dealt with analysis paralysis?  How do you overcome it?  I would love to hear your thoughts?

Much love and gratitude, my friends (even in times of frustration),


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About awakenandrise

Throughout my adult life I have worked in education. I have enjoyed this career to the fullest, but I have recently discovered there is more to me. As I asked the questions: "what are my gifts?" and "what is my purpose?" A whole new world of writing has revealed itself. The purpose - to inspire everyone to a greater life, greater connection, and to use their gifts to Awaken & Rise! My first book, "Awaken & Rise" is now available on Amazon! My purpose is to let you know, despite the lies and fear spread by this world and our society to keep you from living the life you dream about, it is possible. Just simply AWAKEN & RISE!
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