The power of being awake and rising to meet the purpose of our lives has never been more critical in human history.  We are powerful beings who have amazing gifts that can touch the world around us and make a difference in the lives of others.  Join me in taking a leap, finding our gifts, embracing a greater reality, and rising to make this world a better place.  Our time is now – AWAKEN AND RISE!

Available to share as a keynote or small group speaker on a variety of topics.  You can email brianlidle@gmail.com for more information or we can design something specific for your group.

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My first book, Awaken and Rise will be available this Spring!  I am looking forward to humbly sharing this story.

John had one desire.  He wanted to make his life matter by serving others.  Yet, he was convinced he needed to compromise himself to make his life worth it.  Once John compromised, he set himself on a path to change all he valued.  His life became driven by legacy and achievement.  He believed the lie that he had to achieve to matter.  Once he achieved all the world asked him to, he felt… hollow.

This disappointment and disillusionment would send John on a journey to find fulfillment and connection.  This journey would change all he thought was possible.

If you have ever thought there was more to life.  If you are experiencing disillusionment or discouragement.  This story is here to serve and inspire you to find your true calling.

Available now on Amazon!


© 2017 Brian Lidle

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